Orlando Timeshares/Hotels

I have been actively planning our next trip to Orlando = Disney WORLD!! I know this time we are staying off property (not in a Disney Resort Hotel). We are working on our OutSide Disney section, and are planning may fun activities to share with all of you.

So that being said, I have been actively searching for the perfect hotel for a family of 4 (2 are staying in school for the trip), this is the “normal” family to vacation in the Sunshine State. My searching has also been bargain hunting, finding the best “bang” for our buck, so to speak! I started researching the Timeshare/Hotel options! I have actually never been to a Timeshare  or been to a hard sell meeting for a Timeshare. I have friends and family who own them and rave about them, and I also know many who say to run away and stay far away. My husband is not easily sold on anything! Ever. So I really have no concerns about sitting through a 2 hour sell on their wonderful property and all they offer and then have them try and talk us into buying in. My husband will not and has never thought of owning a Timeshare. All that being said, the deals are AMAZING!! I am a big respecter of time, but if I have to sit for 2 hours and hear about a Timeshare and after all that is done I get an amazing deal on a hotel and maybe some cheap tickets to Disney World, I AM IN!

The website I have spent the most time on is Orlando Timeshare Vacation, they offer Hotel and Ticket packages. SWEET! I am favoring the Palisades Resort Orlando deals.

Here is a great example of the deal we are thinking about using.

Two “Touch of Magic” Walt Disney World® Resort Tickets plus 4 days and 3 nights at a Luxurious Two or Three Bedroom Villa at the Beautiful Palisades Resort Orlando From Only$435.00 per family.

Breaking this down: 4 days, 3 nights in Palisades Resort 2-3 bedroom condos, 2 2 day “Touch Of Magic” Disney Tickets.

In comparison, 2 2 Day tickets purchased from Disney’s Ticket Page are $336.00

Hello…$99 more and you have a very well rated 2 bedroom condo!

The Palisades Resort offers many amenities for their guests

•Luxurious one, two and three bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens and private balconies
•Lush tropical surroundings amongst an abundance of Florida wildlife
•Private outdoor pool
•Private theater
•Meeting rooms (1400 sq/feet)
•Fitness center
•Free high speed internet access
•Meeting facilities
•Convenient to Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando®, Sea World®, Animal Kingdom and The Orlando International Airport

I am excited to check out the Movie theater! I know my children will love it!

I will be contacting the Timeshare/Hotel shortly to find out what happens to our children while we are whisked away to a 2 hour sales presentation. If you read the fine print at the bottom of the webpage, it explains that if you do not go to the 2 hour sales presentation and fail to meet the requirements you will pay FULL PRICE for the package deal.

I am excited about the 2 bedroom condo the Palisades Resort offers. Here are some pictures from their website.

I have read on Trip Advisor about how this bed layout has been a bit dangerous and not very comfortable, but I am willing to give it a try, separate entry to the private balcony.

Separate bedroom for the children sounds like a vacation dream!

Full well stocked kitchen!

This Disneyfreak is excited to spend time trying out a new Orlando experience and sharing it with all of you!

The best cool treat for a Hot Disney Day!

I love to try new foods wherever I travel to!  Getting a cup of boiled peanuts on the way south, eating Southern BBQ and when I finally arrive at Walt Disney World, digging into a cool, refreshing, tasty  Pineapple Dole Whip! Oh the small pleasures in life!

I have actually found the recipe for this amazing treat that you can make at home! Thank you Prudence Pennywise!

Get out your family scrapbooks, photos and pins and enjoy a tasty Dole Whip and bask in the memories of your last vacation.

Grab your Disney Free Vacation Planning DVD and think about your next trip with a Dole Whip!

Send pictures of you and your family enjoying Disney’s Pineapple Dole Whip to disneydoneyourway@gmail.com, we will share the Magic!


How to RENT Disney Vacation Club Points!

So you are thinking about becoming a member of Disney Vacation Club and you want to see what it is all about! There are many great sites you can actually rent vacation club point from and stay at some of the DVC suites. There are 7 DVC resorts on Walt Disney World property and 2 near the Atlantic Ocean you can rent.

Rental is different then reserving a room through the Disney website or calling the reservation line. (407- W-DISNEY) They are rented on a Point system, you can buy points for as much as $13 a point. For example, I can rent the Boardwalk Villas regular studio resort from October 15-19, 2012 for 40 points. The 40 points = $520. If you book through Disney it can be up to $1500. You can save up to $1000 by trying out a purchasing site.

I recommend Dave’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals. Dave comes highly recommended from many Disney fan sites. He has openings and you can get on a special mailing list to receive first come first serve Specials! Another great way to save money on your Families vacation and to try out the DVC properties!

Through Dave’s you can also get tickets and the meal plan. Please view his website for more info!

Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club is a Disney Timeshare you can join.

There are many options and many wonderful DVC resorts you can stay at as a member.

There is very comprehensive detail in the MouseSavers.com site about DVC. I could have rewritten all that have, but really, they have been at the Disney info for a long time, and i often defer to them and their experience.

My family and I are looking to join in the future, it will be something we can share with our children and grandchildren in days to come. The one belief I have about Walt Disney World, is that is will always be there. I have been as a very young child and will continue to visit when I am very old as well. Disney is the tradition that gets more and more enjoyable as each year passes.

You can also Visit the Disney Vacation Club website and request a DVD of more information on what Disney Vacation Club has to offer.

We love to request Disney DVD’s each time they have a new type out, or update. The kids love to get some popcorn and talk about that last visit. We also pop in the DVD the night before we leave for a trip. It is a great way to motivate them into an early bedtime, if we have an early flight! *Hint Hint*

Disney Pin Codes

Disney Pin Code and cause this DisneyFreak to start doing the HAPPY DANCE!

The Disney Pin Code is a mystical event! It can drop on you when you least expect it and can have a use by date that may not be in line with your Disney budget, but it can offer up to 40% off your Disney stay!

While driving home from Disney with my father, I had asked him to create an online Disney account and save a few Disney trip dates and let me know if he gets any special mail. As a busy man, he declined! Instead of pouting, I decided to create another account for myself. I saved a few dates in October for our upcoming trip and then just forgot about it. Last week, I got a letter!!!!!! Special offer for just my family! It is only a 20% off Pin Code, but really, that is fine with me and my family! We were planning on going in the first place, so this will just save us more souvenir money! Always a bonus!!!!

The discount is only available Sunday-Thursday. This is also our favorite times to visit Disney. The weekends can be so busy and the hotels are very packed. We love to visit Disney Tuesday-Thursdays.

October in Florida is still warm, but not as HOT as a Florida summer can be. October in Disney has Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! This is an event we are planning on attending!

If you are looking for a discount or planing another family vacation, why not set up an account with your other email. Plan a few dates you are thinking about visiting, save them with the save option and see if anything happens. 



Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

Disney is now accepting reservations for the new Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World!

Bookings are as follows:

  • Finding Nemo Family Suites—Opening May 31, 2012—Book Now!
  • Cars Family Suites—Opening June 18, 2012—Book Now!
  • The Lion King Family Suites—Opening August 10, 2012—Book Now!
  • The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms—Opening September 15, 2012—Book Now!

Family Suites accommodate 6 people. They have 2 separate bathrooms, 1 master bedroom, and 3 separate sleeping areas. 

The resort offers 4 playful courtyards, one for each film, and 3 sparkling pools! 


New Disney Summer Special Offer

Disney has done it again, another Special Offer from Disney

Discover great rates on Magic Your Way room and ticket packages at Walt Disney World Resort—available for stays most nights June 15, 2012 through August 14, 2012. Now’s the perfect time to plan a spectacular summer vacation in the middle of the magic!

Value Resorts for as low as $69 a night! That is an amazing deal! 

Enjoy your vacation and your memories! 

OutSide Disney

Starting in October we will have a new OutSide Disney section. The plans are in the works now!

This section will highlight fun family centered attractions you can visit OutSide Disney!

We will be visiting GatorLand, Orlando Science Center,Universal Studios, and maybe a few dinner shows!

Please feel free to email me with any ideas! What are your favorite OutSide Disney attractions? disneydoneyourway@gmail.com


New Disney World Special Offers

Disney has new Special Offers available! 

Disney has chosen to extend the Spring 30% off Special Offer

Book Now till March 31, 2012 for most nights April 13 to June 14, 2012! This is a wonderful deal on rooms. You can get the same price as Florida Residents on Value Resorts!


The Free Dining Plan is back! 

Our family has the best time using this plan in 2011! We enjoyed dining at many restaurants we may not have chosen on a large family budget!

Disney's BoardWalk Villas

Rooms tend to sell out fast with this Special Offer! If you are planning at trip to Disney during this time, I suggest BOOKING! 

Disney Military Special Offer! 

$138 4-Day Park Hopper Tickets for Members of the U.S. Military

Walt Disney World Resort is saluting U.S. military personnel by offering 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets for just $138 each, now through September 30, 2012. For just $27 more, both the Park Hopper and Water Parks, Fun & More option may be added.

Save up to 40% at select Disney Resorts for Members of the U.S. Military

Special savings on select Walt Disney World Resort hotels! Active and retired U.S. military personnel can take up to 40% off when booking by September 30, 2012.

To the Military, Thank you for your Service!