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I feel like I have spent a large part of my life going to Disney! As a child, I lived in Florida, only an hour away from Disney, and that ment if family visited from up north we got to go to Disney again! I remember going as a teenager and staying at the resorts with my family. ( I will tell you about an amazing upgrade later!) What I do not remember are Disney Pins. Growing up, I knew not to ask for souvenirs and to just be happy my parents brought me to Disney! But today life is a bit different, and I admit I have spoiled my children more than my parents spoiled me! That being said, I do not go crazy on Disney souvenirs! In the post about Packing for Disney, I explained about how I save money throughout the trip to Disney. Here I am going to explain some about Disney pins. I will state now, I am not a pin expert! There are many sites that will go into more detail and I will add them for you. I am just going to tell you My Way, and how to save on Disney Pins.

I love Disney Pins!! I really do! They are the souvenir that keeps on giving! Let me explain, you buy a Disney Pin, I will give websites later, I recommend getting a lanyard for your child or yourself to put the pin on, then while you are walking around the parks you will notice Cast Members with a lanyard full of Disney Pins. You or your child can go up to any Cast Member and ask to trade pins. You remove your pin and put the pin back on the pin, point and ask to trade your pin for which ever pin you might wish. Cast members will say yes! At every Resort Hotel, there is also a Pin Board, ask a Cast Member for directions! You are welcome to trade the pins you have for any pin on the Pin Board. My children love Disney pins. I started them with 5 Pin Mystery bags each, then from there they could start trading all over the parks.

I have to tell you a story about Pin Trading as well. Our first night in Orlando, we went straight to Hollywood Studios, we were there too late to get FastPasses for Toy Story Mania! and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and we were not ready to spend a few hours in line to ride that night, so we wrote those rides off for next trip. No big deal! My daughters were searching out pins and started talking to this very nice Cast Member, they had such good manners and were asking him about his day and if he loved working for Disney. He was so impressed with them he asked about our trip and the rides we had been on so far. I mentioned about missing the FastPasses and how excited we will be to come back and ride them another time. ( Always a good excuse to come back *wink*) He put his hand to the ear piece he was wearing and said, “Yes Tinker Bell they are very nice kids! Ohhh, you have a surprise for them?! Really, in my pocket? Yes, I feel them now! Thank you Tinker Bell, I will let them know!” While all this was going on, my children had the most shocked and amazed looks on their faces. He reached into his pocket and pulled out enough FastPasses for us to ride each ride we decided to pass on! The kids started to jump up and down and thank him over and over! I looked at him with tears in my eyes, The True Magic of Disney was just shown to me! I was grinning and crying at the same time! It was amazing! All this excitement from just polite children asking nicely to trade a pin! Ok now back to the how to’s and the why fores!

Where to get Disney Pins from

You can go through the DisneyStore.com site for Disney Pins, you can pick individual pins you like or Lanyard Sets as well. They will be at the full Disney price and get add up quickly, but if you have one you really want, say Tinker Bell then you can get just her.

My favorite to collect are the Villans! I know they are evil, but they are too fun looking as well! I like the Cruella De Vil pins!

Budget Places to get pins

I have purchased many from eBay, they have shipped quickly and were all individually packed and in great shape. I buy new and in large quality! My last order was for 50 pins and they only cost me $39.99, if you consider each pin at Disney can cost anywhere from $5 to $24 for the embellished ones, it is a great deal!

My Way Hints for successful Pin Trading 

Have a Lanyard, they keep all the pins in one place and it is easy to take them off and on if necessary! NOTE, do not double up the lanyard and then put the pin through it. They can come off! My son lost his favorite pin that way and after a long day at the park was crying. I am still searching for another one for him!

Buy extra Pin Backs, they might come off. You can get them at the gift shop in your resort before you head to the park or you can get them on eBay or Disneystore.com.

Please be polite to the Cast members you are trading with they go through a lot, with all the guest who can be rude throughout their day, try to be the guest they remember, the nice one! As you read above, it was a breath of fresh air for the man my children traded with and he decided to reward them!

Have fun! This is the main reason you came to Disney in the First Place!

Pin Trading Information Sites


The Hidden Secrets of Hidden Mickey Pins, this is from the Disney Blog and is most helpful

Disunplugged Blog

These are just a few, but ones I like the most!

Good luck trading and send Pictures to disneydonemyway@gmail.com and we will post your Pin Trading successes or stories! 


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      • I would add that when trading with a Disney Cast mmeebr they have to trade as long as you have an official Disney Trading pin. Since you are trading away a pin of your own the goal for the pin you are trading away is hopefully that it is as cheap as possible. Ideally you want to buy pins for about $2 a pin, check ebay for people selling large groups of pins or also check out your local Disney store and look for a Snow White set which includes 8 pins for $15. What you don’t want to be doing is buying pins from Disney at 6.95-12.95 each and then trading them away..you will go broke fast..References :

    • Walk up to any cast member that is weinarg a lapel with pins. Ask them if they would like to trade a pin that you are weinarg for a pin that they are weinarg. Some places have a book that you can look through and then you can take from there and then leave one of your own, this is done at the Wilderness Lodge’s pin trading stand, it may be done at other places too but that is the one place I know about. Also, if you are a child or have a child, there are certain cast members that will trade with children only (I think their lapels are green). Also, just remember when buying your pins to trade, start with a starter set. This includes your lapel and about 4-5 pins some are duplicates. When going up to the castmember, trade one of your duplicates for one of his. Don’t trade pins that mean something to you. My family does pin trading all the time while we are at WDW, it is really fun you will love it.References :

  1. Excellent website you have here but I was curious if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  2. Cascade Coupons,
    There are actually many Forums, WDWMAGIC, THE DIS BOARD, MAGICAL KINGDOMS, & WD BOARDS. There are many more out there as well. Thank you for viewing our website! How did you hear about us?

    • well if you sign in throuw a treval agency like AAA, they give ou ome sort of promotional pin. plus at the park you can buy extra pins. now, if you seen a worker there that has like a strap with pins around them, ask if theyre trading those usually they are. and you can trade.the person i asked was a dude working at a sidewalk pin store at the store.References :

        • Wow your pins are SOOO cool! I’m in 4th grade and I do D.I. and you have the BEST pin collections! This year (2011) I went to gloalbs and I thought pin trading would be boring and I thought I wouldnt like it but it was mainly all I did!!! LOVE YOUR PINS!!!~Rainy~

    • You purchase pins at any Disney store. At Disney Parks you will find Pin Store that sell all sort of pins. Any Disney cast mebemr wearing pins at any Disney park will gladly trade pins with you when you ask them to and they will trade you up to two pins at a time. You can also go on in to Disneypins.com and trade by mail with people who have posted pins their that they are looking for.References : Disney cast mebemr. Pin trading program participant.

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